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Our member companies

B&B Manufacturing
Valencia, California
Lee's Enterprise
Chatsworth, California
Van Nuys, California
S&H Machine
Burbank, California
Superior Thread Rolling Company
Arleta, California
Vanderhorst Brothers
Simi Valley, California
W Machine Works
San Fernando, California




SCMG Members work together to

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Develop our workforce

The best investment a company can make is in the skills of its employees. SCMG members share educational resources to improve our workforce and work with schools to encourage manufacturing careers.

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Improve our supply chain

Our ability to deliver quality products on-time depends upon a reliable supply chain. Our eight top-tier manufacturers work together to continuously improve both the upstream and downstream supply chain.

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Learn from each other

Individually, we’ve learned plenty of manufacturing lessons. We share our experiences and rely on each other to create solutions that make all our companies better.

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Support U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the United States is still strong and we are proud to keep valuable manufacturing skills in America. We believe our best years are still ahead and are working to make that future a reality.


Investment in precision technology


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Attributes of an SCMG Member

Lean, Intelligent, and Efficient

Follow Lean business models and apply efficient supply chain management to employ fast lead times.

Focus on quality and customer service

Lead the industry in quality and on-time delivery while maintaining a global competitive price and outstanding customer service.

Committed to employees and education

Invest in employee training and development with an emphasis on safety, quality, efficiency and environmental stewardship.

investment in technology and our community

Have modern upgraded facilities and the latest advanced, precision manufacturing equipment. Get involved in bettering our community.

An Important Part of our Economy

Southern California Manufacturing is


Our Customers

we work with the most respected companies in Aerospace, defense, and precision manufacturing.

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